Check-In\Out Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the proper operation and smooth transition between bookings so that everyone receives equal and fair treatment.

A) The studio operates exclusively with pre-booked reservations so that we can ensure the quality of our services.

B) The Studios will only open at the time of booking and not earlier even when not used by another band, as this could complicate the planned workflow.

C) If you wish to use your own equipment or have a complex configuration setup must take place during booking time.

D) You should accordingly take into account the time it takes to gather your items so that the room has returned to its original state at the end of your session.

E) If for some reason your check-in time is delayed on our own fault, then you reserve the right to stay until your original booking time expires.

F) The sound engineer will nform you 5-10 minutes before the expiry about your remaining time.

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