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Soundflakes Recording Studio features

Recording & Tracking

Our Recording studio offers world-class audio recording services by professional and experienced sound engineers. Advanced recording facilities and equipment, wonderful acoustic treated booths and live rooms in a friendly and relaxed environment for a high-end result. Live Band Recording is also available.

Mixing & Editing

Mixing is the procedure of combining multiple audio recordings in a single dynamic stereo mix. For us is a creative & sofisticated procedure in order to satisfy every customer’s needs and concepts and bring the best out of every piece of music.

Stereo & Stem Mastering

Mastering is a form of post production editing and is the process of transfer the final stereo mix into the master medium that will be used for reproduction. However the main purpose of mastering also involves procedures to balance the energy of a mix and optimise sound translation on all playback systems. When it comes to albums or collection of tracks the mastering procedure should also include operations to insure the overall homogeneity of the album in frequency and amplitude aspects.

Music Production

Music Production is a complex procedure that involves many different actions and tasks to be completed in order to produce a final piece of music. We will cover any stage in the path of creation from a single melody or a piece of sheet music to the final published track or album. Our team is loaded with skills and experience that will help you complete all this procedures in the best possible way.

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