VIP Live Room & Swimming Pool

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VIP Liveroom features


Dimensions, Acoustics & Capabilities

This live room is hosted within the recording studio and it has a total surface of 652 meters. It’s has exclusive access to the swimming pool yard, and it is acoustically treated for accurate frequency response and smooth sound dispersion. Available only with In-Ear Monitoring for up to 7 persons.


Monitoring & In-Ear Support

This studio offers exclusively personal in-ear monitor support and no PA system. Supports up to 6 individual mixes.

estonia grand piano2

Concert Grand Piano 4/4

Expensive tube guitar amps to a rehearsal room? Hell yeah! If you know about guitars then you know why! On top of that Studio A features heavy weighted 88-key stage piano as a standard with no additional charges. Plus a 12 input mixing desk, to connect your extra keys & synths!


Swimming Pool

Over here you don’t have to waste time adjusting the sound every time. All of your settings are digitally stored and instantly recalled every time you rehearse, so you can just plug and play ! 


Live Recording Option

Powered the leading industry standard Pro-Tools HD, studio A records in CD quality with real-time processing and advanced mixing capabilities. Record your rehearsal or your live performance like a pro.


Clima Conditions & Hygiene

Studio A has temperature controled clima system, air filtering, ventilation it’s smoke free. We also give the highest of respect for hygiene conditions by disinfecting sensitive gear after every use.

Free Gear Storage


Lounge/Coffee Bar

Online Booking System

VIP Liveroom gearlist

Guitar Amps

  • Marshall JVM410C 100w Tube Amp
  • Combo 2×12″ Speaker Cabinet

Guitar Cabinets

  • Koch Multitone II 100c Tube Amp
  • Combo 2×12″ Speaker Cabinet

Bass Amps & Cabinets

  • Gallien Krueger 1001RB-II (700Watts)
  • TC Electronic K4x10 Bass Cabinet (450Watts)

Mixing Console

  • 2 x QSC K12  Main Speakers (1kW)
  • 1 x QSC SUB Main Speakers (1kW)
  • 3 x QSC K12  Monitor Speakers  (1kW)
  • 1 x Mackie 15″ Monitor Speaker

Personal Monitoring

  • 6 x Behringer P16M Personal Mixers
  • 1 x Powerplay P16D Distributor
  • 1 x Powerplay P16I In-Ear Processor

Grand Piano

  • 1 x Roland RD700SX 88 Keys
  • 1 x Yamaha MG8 Mixer
  • 1 x Proel Double Keyboard Stand


  • Gabriel Maple 22″ Kick & 14″ Snare
  • Gabriel Maple 10″/12″/14″/16″ Toms
  • Paiste PST7″ Hi-Hat & Istanbul Ride (Crashes are optional)
  • Gibraltar Drum Rack 
  • 3 x Cymbal Floor & 3 Rack Stands 
  • DW 3000 Double Pedal


  • 7 x SHURE SM-58 Dynamic Mics
  • 5 x Electrovoice Drum Mics
  • 1 x SHURE 110 Bass Drum Mic
  • 2 x Audio Technica Condenser Mics

Recording System

  • 24 Input ProTools HD Recording System
  • 3 x  Personus D8 8-channel Mic Preamps
  • 1  x Octa-Core Apple Mac Pro
  • Waves Gold TDM Processors
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