40 Square Meters
Clima Controlled & Air Filtered
2kw 4.2 Monitoring System
Marshall, Koch & Gallien Krueger Amplifiers
Gabriel Maple Drums


30 Square Meters
Clima Controlled & Air Filtered
2kw 2.2 Monitoring System
Marshall, Koch Vintage 30s Cabinets & Warwick Amplifiers
Gabriel Maple Drums



Optional Service

Real Time Mixing & Maximizing
Dynamics & Frequency Treatments
  • High Quality Monitoring Sound System
    2k watts of 4.2 (Studio A) and 2.2 (Studio B) active monitoring systems, independent vocal monitor speaker and optional headphone monitoring.
  • Clima Conditioned Rooms
    All our rooms are independently temrature controlled and air filtered via high quality and silent clima control systems.
  • Beautiful and Acoustically Treated Rooms
    Our Studios are sound proofed and acoustically treated. Build from high quality materials and using the latest technologies in acoustic design.
  • Lounge & Coffee Bar
    Our studio has 2 semi independent stylish lounges, one for every studio, and a coffee/drinks bar.
  • Superior Live Recording
    High Quality Stereo Recordings with mixing and treatment of Frequency & Dynamics. Never heard a rehearsal recording sound so good!
  • Plug and Play Instantly with Settings Recall
    Don’t spend your rehearsal time trying to set the sound right every time. All your settings are digitally stored and recalled instantly!
  • High Quality Gear and Equipment
    Powered by Marshall, Koch, Gallien Krueger and Warwick Guitar & Bass Amplifiers/Cabinets, Maple Gabriel Drumsets, Shure Mics.
    Tired of carrying all that stuff every time you rehearse? Don’t worry we offer double door secure storage room for your gear!

World Class Recording & Music Production Services. The Soundflakes Studio is a unique place for recording, mixing, mastering and music production located at the ground level of the artworks complex. Wide collection of modern and vintage audio gear, superior acoustically treated rooms and booths, experienced sound and mixing engineers in a friendly and relaxed enviroment.